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Digital Media

This website was created after extensive analysis of existing sector sites, as a science communication platform to support the in-person activities of an on-going University of Sheffield project.


Built using Wordpress and Elementor, the site includes a near-real time data feed with a graph which plots air pollutant levels each hour from 1am everyday, various video resources, and a branching narrative game.

The project received excellent feedback from all stakeholders.

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ph7 Science Blog

A science blog aimed at an undergraduate, non-science audience, produced during my MSc study, I was a writer and editor.


The Apex Podcast

Four SciComms students are each randomly assigned a subject, and must argue the case for theirs being the best. In series one the subjects were animals, series two they were prominent scientists, and in series three they were inventions/discoveries. A small amount of hilarity ensued. Not as much as we'd hoped.

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