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The videos you will find here were created as part of my post graduate study. They were each made with a specific audience and purpose in mind, and are now out in the world fulfilling those roles, whether promotional, educational, or simply to raise awareness.


Sheffield Air Quality Garden

This video is an introduction to a University of Sheffield project designed to raise awareness of air pollution. It is now used to market activities to school groups visiting Sheffield Botanical Gardens.


Plight of the Pollinators

This project spanned 18 months, and was used to develop videography and editing skills. It aimed to correct the simplistic public perception that we must 'save the bees', and stress the importance of maintaining diverse pollinator populations.


What is Air Pollution?

A whiteboard explainer video, which uses a range of features of the genre, including progressive build-up and stop motion. This video is used to support classroom-based learning for school groups visiting Sheffield Air Quality Garden.

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